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About the Lake Butler Community Page

The Lake Butler Community Page was an idea that came to life upon David Stegall moving back to Lake Butler in the middle of 2010. Having lived in Lawtey the previous decade before, David had created a similar community-based Facebook Page there. He immediately saw the need for the page in Lake Butler, as there was nothing like it and it would be a great way for the community to share information and help stay informed. After working on ideas and a layout, the Lake Butler Community Page officially launched on Facebook on October 20, 2010.

In the beginning, it was quite a slow process to get the Facebook Page accepted and used. It was not until about the third year that things began to take off, and the community would turn to the Lake Butler Community Page to get information as well as utilize this social media tool as a way to help get their own information out to the community. Local events are a major like among the community. In sharing the information on various events, it has helped promote and draw more attention to them. David is a big supporter of his community, and enjoys taking the time to help promote the area events and programs.

Another favorite pasttime for David is photography. He enjoys taking shots of nature, and the beauty that the natural area surrounding Lake Butler and Union County has to offer. On occasion he will launch his kayak out onto Butler Lake and grab a few shots from the lake side point of view.

The recent added feature of the Lake Butler Community Page was the 2015 launching of the Lake Butler Community Website. The idea for a website was to have it work along side of the Facebook Page, to help with events and news tidbits being easier to find. Both of the sites work well together and are great tools for our community to be in the know of what is happening in and around the area.

David is very thankful to the many, many individuals that have been supportive of his efforts in maintaining the Lake Butler Community Page. Having a good relationship with the Union County Sheriff's Department, the Union County School District, the City of Lake Butler, Supervisor of Elections, Tax Collector's Office and the Union County Public Library has been a great asset for David and the Lake Butler Community Page. Working hand in hand with the community is key. David is also thankful to Steven Spitzer who has been an asset for graphics and such used on both the website and Facebook versions of the Lake Butler Community Page.

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