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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the Frequently Asked Questions that are asked of David Stegall and the Lake Butler Community Page...

1. Do you work for the newspaper?
Answer: NO! I am not an employee of the local newspaper (Union County Times). I have a career in distribution that I enjoy, the Lake Butler Community Page is a hobby that I began upon moving back to Lake Butler in 2010. Although I do share information and photos with the Union County Times, I am not an employee of theirs, I just believe in sharing of information, and the newspaper and the LBCP are two outlets our community has for news.

2. How much money do you earn from doing the Lake Butler Community Page?
Answer: NONE! I do not earn money nor accept advertising dollars for the LBCP. My costs for hosting and maintaining the Lake Butler Community Page are minimal, and are personally paid for out of my pocket.

3. Why do you manage the Community Page?
Answer: Upon moving back to Union County/Lake Butler in 2010, I noticed there was nothing in the way of keeping the community informed on day-to-day events. We have a great hometown newspaper, but many people are on social media in today's world, and they look for news and info instantly. So, the Lake Butler Community Page was created and launched on October 20, 2010.

4. Are you trying to compete with the Union County Times?
Answer: NO! Often times I have been asked if I work for the local newspaper, and occasionally I am aksed if I am competition for the newspaper. In hosting the Lake Butler Community Page, I never intended to compete with the Union County Times. I often share information I have with them and on occasion they have shared with me. The LBCP maintains its presence in social media, and through a basic website, whereas the newspaper is in print. Both forms are used by the community for information and news.

5. Do you accept advertisements for posting on the LBCP?
Answer: NO! Though I occasionally will share a post from area businesses to help promote them, I do not do paid avertising on the LBCP. Most times when a post is shared, or article mentioned on the website, it is something I feel may be a benefit to the community so I share it.
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