Are We “Do It Ourselves” People or Do We Depend On God’s Guidance?

TItAre We “Do It Ourselves” People or Do We Depend On God’s Guidance?

Ted Barber’s January 20, 2017

We all have a serious danger that,”We can do it ourselves”. We fail to focus on pleasing the Lord God as the reason for our abundant life. The nation of Israel with God’s guidance overcame the City of Jericho, their first major roadblock in the Promised Land. They took their success and even claimed it was because of them and failed to give the Lord God the credit. The City of Ai was their next challenge and the sin of one man caused the Israelites a devastating defeat.  Achan failed to follow God’s instructions and coveted a beautiful robe from Babylon, two hundred shekels of silver and 50 shekels of gold which he buried at his tent. Joshua and all the Israelites took Achan, his family and all his livestock and possession to the Valley of Achor and stoned and burned them. The remains were buried under a pile of rocks that served as a reminder to all the Israelites to follow God’s instructions and not cause the Lord God to be angry. I look at this biblical example as a key reason to do all that I can do to please the Lord. I also know that we as human beings are not perfect and that we make mistakes. Our cure for sin thanks to God’s plan of salvation is to confess to the Lord God that we have failed Him and turn from that sin. The question we should all be asking ourselves is, “What are we doing to fully accept and trust the Lord God so that our witness to others clearly says that the Lord God will direct our path and not we ourselves.

Recently, Harmony Baptist Church’s Pastor Bob Brown of Lake Butler, Florida and a Promise Keeper gave an excellent devotional regarding our witness. It is often said that we as Christians may be the only Bible or God’s Word that some may ever witness. Our mental attitude, our knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and our dependence on God’s guidance and power through our prayers and meditation allows God to shine through us. We glorify the Lord God when we make pleasing Him the major objective in our lives. When we know that we are debtors to the Lord God’s unconditional love and grace, we stop the growth of sin and project the witness that pleases our Lord God.

The word “Inauguration” means to increase and subsequently to see favorable omens for success. In ancient Rome, the official diviner’s job was to interpret signs and tell what to expect before an important undertaking. The  diviner’s job was not to tell the future, but rather to discover whether or not the gods approved of the action or office before it was undertaken. The word, “Inaugurate” came to mean “to consecrate” or “to install” or to “invest”. President Trump’s inaugural address emphasized that his investiture as President of the United States on January 20, 2017 represented the peaceful transfer of power from Washington DC, our Nation’s Capital, to all the American People. Prayerfully, President Trump’s inaugural address comes from the Lord God’s instructions to him and that our 45th President will with God’s guidance, “Make America Great Again”!


(Submitted by Ted Barber)
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