Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review from March 14, 2017

The March 14, 2017 Rotary Luncheon Meeting had 15 Club Members and three guests present. Nancy Griffis, Club Member and Interact Coordinator, introduced John and Britney Manning, two Lake Butler Rotary Club sponsored Interact Club Members. Erick Thomas, President of the Keystone Heights Rotary Club, was also introduced by Diane Andrews as a visiting Rotarian.

President Steve Wellhausen had the Club Chairpersons for the upcoming Saturday, March 18, Annual Rotary Hawaiian Luau, provide the current status of the Luau preparation. Ticket sales reported by Donna Harris included 140 sold and only three books of ten tickets remaining. Tony Sweat reported that the food was ready to go. Diane Andrews had the decorations ready and was asking for a few Rotarians to provide assistance in setting up the Community Center Friday afternoon, March 17, 2017. Jennie Reed said that she and Maggie Wetzel had 28 silent auction items in their possession and estimated with the help of others that we should have in excess of 50 items as of the 6:00 PM start of the Luau Saturday, March 18, 2017. President Steve Wellhausen was working with the new RMC Warden to have the cleanup crew following the Luau.

The Club Program for our March 14 Luncheon Meeting was presented by Nancy Griffis, the Lake Butler Rotary Club’s Interact Sponsor. Nancy provided a handout which explained where the Lake Butler Interact Club got its name. “Inter” stands for international and “Act” stands for action. Our Interact Club has a goal of 2 service projects per month that necessitates interaction with the local community and our local Rotarians. Her handout explained that there are in excess of 242,000 Interact Members in 119 Countries worldwide. Our Interact Club Members are presently working the local Farm Share program, Wreaths Across America, Free Clothing Give-A-Way, Elementary School Tutoring and assisting the Lake Butler Rotary Club with community  service projects like the upcoming Union County Fourth of July Celebration for as many as 5,000, the Annual Rotary Hawaiian Luau Fundraiser for local and international projects like the elimination of Polio worldwide, the Rotary Literacy Projects (local dictionary presentation to 3rd Graders and the Guatemala literacy Program), the scholarship program with the Florida Gateway College to name a few of the services related activities.

It should be noted that Shane Collins provided the opening prayer and food blessing, that we honored our American Flag and our great Nation with the Pledge of Allegiance, and that we sang a song without the help of our illustrious Song-Master, Art Peterson. Tony Sweat may have earned the Song Master’s Job with his rendition of “Oh My Darling, Clementine” written by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Personally, I strongly believe that Art has a very secure job.

Our Meeting ended with the Rotarian’s Motto, “Service Above Self-One profits most who serves best”

Upcoming Programs include: Donna Harris on March 21, Paul Lewis on March 28, Dave Mecusker on April 4 and Art Peterson on April 11th.

(article submitted by Ted Barber)
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