Starke Shrine Club Scores New Record

Article Submitted by Ted Barber

Saturday Morning, April 15, 2017, five members of the Starke Shrine Club met at the intersection of Highway 301 and State Road 100 to collect donations from passing motorists for the 22 Shrine Children Hospitals of North America. Lady Linda Magyari assisted this crew of Nobles by collecting the donations from the working Nobles. The over $200 in coins weighed the Shrine collection buckets down and Lady Linda’s help was appreciated. The wind was another factor that tried to blow the paper money out of the buckets. Vystar counted and  provided the total Easter Weekend contribution count and secured the donations to help the children. The Starke Shrine Club is proud that we are able to donate 100 % of the donations through the Morocco Center to the Shrine

(L-R)Nobles Fred Magyari, Scott Roberts, Ted Barber, David Kniseley, and Mark Griffis

Zach Smith of Vystar is accepting the Shrine
Children Hospital Donations from Noble Mark Griffith

Hospitals. This 100% donation from the Starke Shrine Club is possible thanks to the generosity of the Tatum Family in providing the Starke Shrine Club a place to call home. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Stake Golf Club’s Banquet Hall with a covered-dish supper beginning at 7:00 PM. Our meetings are short and the fellowship and food is terrific! Helping the Shrine Children Hospitals is a focus the Starke Shrine Club has maintained for a very long time.

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