Rotary News from the August 29, 2017 Lake Butler Rotary Meeting

Jason Davis, Owner of the Hillandale Quality Feed business in Lake Butler was our guest speaker.  He told us the business began in 1970 producing 90% of the chicken feed needed from locally grown corn. The company adjusted to the many challenges from the loss of the chicken houses, rail road and trucking business changes and now supplies 13 counties with all types of animal feed to include custom feed blends for many customers. Jason says that Hillandale is blessed to have loyal employees that are treated in almost a family-like atmosphere. Feedback from the Rotary Club Members was very positive for the assistance Hillandale provides to our Union County School System, our Rotary Club and the entire community.

Justin Davis spoke about Hillandale Quality Feed in Lake Butler

Bobby Driggers a local man that is presently living in North Alabama and a frequent visitor to Mrs. Marjorie Driggers, his mother, presented the Lake Butler Rotary Club with a banner from his Rotary Club. Visiting Rotarians are encouraged to present banners to the Rotary Clubs they visit and Lake Butler Rotary Club appreciates this gift. Donna Harris at our last Board Meeting August 22 accepted the challenge of securing banners  for the Lake Butler Rotary Club members  to provide Rotary Clubs they  visit.

Ted reminded the Rotarians that we have our annual Literacy Project this coming September 19, 2017 where we begin handing out new dictionaries to the 145 third graders at 8:30 AM in the Lake Butler Elementary School. All Rotarians and Interact Members are encouraged to attend this important hour and a half event. At noon September 19th we have Brent Coates, our District 6970 Governor, making his official visit to our Lake Butler Rotary Club. He presently has 70 Rotary Clubs and over 3,284 Rotarians in our District 6970.

Last week we had a successful Community Update and progress is being made with the trash receptacles’ being placed on the Lake Butler Pier/walkway, our local Farm Share is getting Rotarian and Interact assistance (remember September 9 is our next Farm Share), and our input to the County Health Report due out at the end of September are all moving in the right direction. Our Club Board approved the first social of the year at Joe Stephenson’s new home September 28 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM; we approved a member bringing one potential Rotarian each month to a meeting at no cost to them.

Our next Club Meeting is September 5 and Shane Collins has the Program. Kellie Connell has the September 12 Program and we all need to help with the Dictionary Project and Welcome to Brent Coates on September 19, 2017.

I thank Trent Wheeler for finishing up the “Thank You” Letters to those that supported the Fourth of July Activities with monetary and in-kind donations. Hopefully, we will soon have the “End Polio Wide Day”, October 24, 2017 organized for our Club.

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