UCSO Conducts K-9 Search of UCHS and LBMS, No Illegal Drugs Found

From Union County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

On Tuesday, November 14, 2017, K-9 Units searched the Union County High School, Lake Butler Middle School and Union County Alternative (Outpost) School. The search began at 9:10AM. The entire search lasted approximately one hour. The High School and Middle School both went on “lock-down” status for everyone’s safety during the search so children and staff remained clear of the hallways. The search was conducted with very limited knowledge of the operation so students/staff was not made aware of the K-9 search until law enforcement officers arrived and entered the school this morning.

Assisting with Union County Sheriff’s Office deputies were four K-9 officers and three narcotic dogs from Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. We used two search teams to complete the process faster.

The search was to locate any illegal narcotics or presciption pills or any drug paraphernalia located in any of the schools. This is a law enforcement effort in our continued fight against illegal narcotics. The K-9 dogs have been extensively training on locating illegal substances and are used in schools throughout North Florida. All students were removed from their classes during the search of their belongings, lockers and common areas, as well as student parking lots and exterior searches of their vehicles. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS WERE FOUND IN OR AROUND THE SCHOOLS AND PARKING LOT AREA.

Sheriff Brad Whitehead stated, “This is just another tool and effort to keep our children safe and away from illegal drugs or other harmful activities. This routine search, in partnership with, our schools shows a strong stance against illegal drugs in our community.”

Superintendent Carlton Faulk said, “Thanks to the Union County Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for the support of the Union County schools. We request searches throughout the year to make sure we do our best to keep our children and schools DRUG FREE.”

We are pleased with the outcome of our narcotics sweep. We continue to monitor our schools daily for any illegal activities.

If you have any questions or concerns or know of any illegal activities to report, you are encouraged to contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office at 386-496-2501.

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