Facebook Changes. How to Keep Favorite Pages in Your News Feed

Facebook announced changes it is making to it’s News Feed so you will see less news, media posts and more posts from your friends. This is helpful unless you like seeing some of the news posts that routinely show in your news feed daily.

If you like seeing posts from Pages, such as the Lake Butler Community Page, we have some helpful advice on how to be sure you continue to see posts from your favorite media and news sites in your news feed.

Tips for changing Facebook News Feed settings on mobile phone:

Click on the 3-Line icon in the bottom right corner


Next, click on Settings

Then, click on News Feed Preferences


Then, click on Prioritize who to see first

This will open up and show you everyone on your friends list, as well as the pages you have liked. Here, you can click on the icon of the Pages you would like to always show first in your news feed so you do not miss a post from them. Click Done (at bottom) when you have selected the Pages you want to see first.

Here are the tips for changing the News Feed settings via a desktop:

First, click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of your screen. In the drop down box that appears, click on News Feed Preferences.


Next, you will click on Prioritize who to see first.


Then you will see all of your friends, as well as the Pages that you have Liked. It is here you can select the Pages that you would like to always show first in your news feed. Once you are done, just click Done in the lower right corner and your settings are saved. You will now see posts from the Pages selected show up first in your news feed.

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