Lake Butler Rotary News, Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Meeting Review

Submitted by Ted Barber

This week in 1692 a few people turned a community upside down igniting mass hysteria due to fear and ignorance. Over 200 people were arrested and over 20 executed including two children. This was one of the worst incidents in American Colonial History. The answer to Shane Collins’ Program Question is the Salem Massachusetts’s Witch Trials. Every week our Program Chair, Shane Collins, presents the Lake Butler Rotarians with a question. The Rotarian that correctly answers the question gets a “Free Pass” to any fines the Sergeant at Arms may levy. Art Peterson answered the question correctly for our meeting.

Our Community Update concentrated on our progress for Saturday, March 17, 2018 which is our 9th Annual Rotary Hawaiian Luau. Sara Owen and Donna Harris presented good news regarding our ticket sales and our decorations. Volunteers are requested from our membership and the Interact Club to set up the decorations on Saturday, March 17, 2018. The sale of tables for 10 at $200 was discussed as the best buy for a person’s money ($20 per person) and we expect to have at least 15 tables filled. Steve Wellhausen and Tony Sweat have the food under control and Jennie Reed and Carlton Faulk have the silent auction items going well. Please deliver all donated auction items to the Community State Bank as soon as possible to allow Jennie Reed to log them in and get them ready for the silent auction. Phillip Pritchett has another truck load of lime stone for the live auction and Lake Harris is ready as the auctioneer. Brad Whitehead is assisting with the “Live auction” items and is donating all of the Boston Butts for supper. Shane Collins, Paul Lewis and David Stegall are doing a great job promoting the March 17 Luau. Donna Harris and Nancy Griffis will have the Lake Butler Interact Club Members assisting with the meal and entertainment. Our Strawberry Queen, Miss UCHS and others will be showing us their crowns and we are in for a great evening of fun!

Our Clay Electric Grant that assists our community Farm Share Program is a super local community project and our international project in Nicaragua is moving along well for the Rotary International Global Grant thanks to Joe Stephenson and assistance from Russ Miller, Past District Governor and Susan Spain, Area Governor from the Gainesville Rotary Club.

Our Lake Butler Rotary Club Board approved our newest Lake Butler Club Member, Dale M. Walker, the Lake Butler City Manager; approved the annual $500 Florida Gateway Scholarship for a UCHS Senior: approved the $500 Scholarship for the UCHS Student that provides the best essay; and, approved the bookkeeping volunteered by Donna to relieve Kellie of the added responsibility. Kellie hopefully will remain as our Treasurer and will audit the books in June 2018.

Derek Thomas, a great UC Resident and past president of the Keystone Heights Rotary Club (Derek works for Clay Electric in Keystone) invited the Lake Butler Rotarians to join them at the second annual Mayor’s Ball, March 10 at the Keystone Airport. They plan to use the donations for the improvements of the Rails to Trails in the Keystone area.
Tricia Wylie presented the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math “STREAM” after School Programs in MacClenny and Lake Butler. The STREAM in Union County is the 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 3:45 to 4:45 PM at the Union County Public Library, 250 SE 5th Avenue, Lake Butler.

The LBRC Program for March 6, 2018 belongs to Brad Whitehead and the March 13 program belongs to Ted Barber.

Please plant your tree prior to the April 22, 2018 Arbor Day Goal for Rotary International. With over 1.5 million Rotarians planting their tree we will make a huge positive difference in our world!

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