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School Bus Drivers Needed

The Union County School District is experiencing a bus driver shortage. The School District is currently offering to cover costs associated with training and the physicals. School Superintendent, Carlton Faulk, has reached out to full-time faculty and staff, offering them the opportunity for extra income to become a part-time driver.

The shortage is not isolated to Union County. Surrounding county school districts are also reporting a shortage of drivers. Across the nation, school districts are struggling to find school bus drivers. This challenge has seemingly gotten more difficult as the unemployment rate has decreased and the economy is strong.

Mr. Faulk himself is said to be going to get certified as soon as the Holiday break is over. He will also be calling on coaches and other available staff/faculty members to join in and get certified along with him.

More discussion on this matter will be discussed at the next upcoming school board meeting in January. In addition, the Union County School District’s Transportation Department has a new director that transitioned into the position in the last month and is extremely admired and working hard to find a solution to the problem.

Sources: School Board, District 4 Becky Raulerson’s Facebook Page; Various online news outlets (search school bus shortage)

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