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UCSO & UC Schools to Conduct Reunification Drills

In a press release from the Union County Sheriff’s Office, it was announced that the Union County School District and Union County Sheriff’s Office would be conducting Mandatory Reunification Drills throughout each of our schools in Union County. These drills will be held on Monday, April 22, 2019.

What is a Reunification Drill: This is the same as an Evacuation Drill and will be conducted as follows: The Union County Sheriff’s Office will perform their monthly “Lock-Down” drill for each school, after the lock-down drill, they will begin an orderly evacuation of each of the classrooms, grades and schools to the Union County School buses standing by on the school campus. The UCSO will then escort the buses and students off of campus as the drill requires. The students will stay on the bus at all times with their classmates and teacher! They will be transported to the lake Butler Community Center (less than 1.5 miles away)(Lakeside Park) parking lot where they will immediately turn around and be escorted back to the campus while remaining on the bus at all times.

This drill is to simulate an emergency that could require the Union County Sheriff’s Office and the Union County School District to evacuate the school campuses. This emergency could be a natural disaster, i.e a Tornado hitting the school, or an emergency such as a gas or chemical leak on campus.

The Reunification Drills have been scheduled for Monday, April 22, 2019 as follows:
Lake Butler Elementary School – 8:15am
Lake Butler Middle School – 9:00am
Union County High School – 10:00am
Union County Alternative School – 11:00am

The Union County Sheriff’s Office has conducted these drills in the past and believe that continual training in all of these areas better prepare all of us in case there is a real emergency. We ask that your child attends school that day, April 22nd, and participates as well. If you have further questions about your child’s participation, please contact the appropriate school.

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