Lake Butler Hospital Introduces Cutting Edge Technology with New CT Scanner

Source: LBH Facebook Page

LAKE BUTLER, Fla. — The Radiology Department at Lake Butler Hospital (LBH) has installed a new Computed Tomography (CT) scanner that will make diagnostic imaging safer and more accessible for patients who require scans. The SOMATOM®️ go.UP, from SIEMENS Healthineers, uses technology that is new for single source CT scanners and requires low doses of radiation to create high-quality images of the body’s internal anatomy. Additional features include a wide detector that provides up to 64 slices, enabling more rapid CT scanning.

“Our new CT scanner is a game-changer for how we diagnose and treat internal injuries and diseases,” said Dr. Noel Braseth, board certified Emergency Room Director at Lake Butler Hospital. “This equipment not only improves our patients’ safety and comfort during diagnostic imaging, but it also provides us with detailed visualizations of high quality to make diagnoses or monitor treatment progress. I have no doubts this new scanner will save lives.”

Doctors use CT scans to look at internal conditions that physical exams or X-rays won’t catch, such as vascular blood clots or diseases such as colon or lung cancer. But like X-rays, CT scans involve radiation, which means physicians sometimes have to make cost-benefit calculations about whether the value of the images outweighs the risks of radiation exposure to the patient. One advantage of Lake Butler Hospital’s CT scanner is that the technologist can adjust the radiation dose based on a person’s height and weight. As a result, each patient receives the lowest dose necessary.

The scanner also collects images faster when compared to other scanners, so patients endure shorter breath-holds and wait times during scans. It’s advanced imaging capabilities, which allow for angiography exams (using dye to highlight vascular systems) and multi-slice images, also help physicians diagnose a variety of medical conditions, from bone disorders to heart disease, as well as compare different treatment methods.

While diagnostic imaging generally has been regarded as a complex, even cumbersome process, LBH’s diagnostic imaging team believes their new scanner will change that perception. Eventually, they expect CT scans will seem easy and routine to most patients. They also anticipate patients will receive more facetime with hospital doctors as the result of the time saved from faster CT scans.

“We as healthcare providers love new technology,” Jill Fulgham, Director of Radiology said, “but healthcare is first and foremost about one-on-one interactions between providers and patients. The best medical technologies lead to improved patient outcomes but also free us up to spend more time with our patients. This new CT scanner checks all the boxes.”

For More Information contact Jill Fulgham, Director of Radiology at Lake Butler Hospital, at
386-496-2323 ext. 9251. Or visit LBH online.