Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review, July 30, 2019

Following our fellowship and noon luncheon, Shane Collins, President Elect. Introduced Mitchell Bishop as our program speaker. Mitchell is a Rotarian and County Judge who provided the members and guests with an excellent program involving jury duty. Judge Bishop discussed the way juries are summoned and the things that can disqualify someone from jury service, like felony convictions, no longer residing in the county where summoned, or not being a U.S. citizen. Judge Bishop emphasized the importance of jury service in the preservation of our Republic and encouraged citizens to participate in the judicial branch of government when they are called to do so. The presentation was excellent and well received.

Our acting Sergeant at Arms, Joe Stephenson, had some fun with several members missing their Rotarian Badges. It seems that Joe collected a few after the meeting began and also collected a few fines for the Club.

Shane Collins introduced Bill Thomas, Jimmy Williams, and Rotarian Dereck Thomas as our guests
at the meeting. Shane Collins asked the ”Did You Know?” question that involved the weight of the largest cheesecake on record. No one guessed that the cake weighed a whopping 6,900 pounds!

For our next meeting, August 6, 2019, we are honoring 25 new teachers and staff from the Union County School System.

Upcoming programs include: Aug 6- Carlton Faulk, Aug 13-David Mecusker, Aug 20- Sara Owen, Aug 27-Jennie Reed, and Sept 3-Ted Barber