Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review, Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Submitted by Ted Barber

Following another great luncheon and networking, Rotarian Art Peterson introduced Nadine Meinhardt, who provided information about the 2020 Census. Prior to Nadine’s presentation, Art Peterson could not resist providing humor regarding the effects that aging has on people. Many related to the one where an older man sees a pretty young girl pass by him and his pacemaker causes the automatic garage door to open.

Nadine’s presentation emphasized the need to have an accurate Census, since state and local funding and the number of state representatives are based upon the Census’ population count. The goal is to count once, and only once, every 10 years. The Census began in 1790 and has been taken every 10 years since. The funding today based upon the 2010 Census amounts to 675 billion dollars annually. In 2010, the state of Florida gained two additional congressional seats and the funding has helped our schools, roads and special needs people and much more. The data obtained by the Census is protected and held secret for 72 years. Even law enforcement is not privy to the data collected. This year, for the first time, the Census information and data input is available online to save our tax dollars. Nadine invited our Lake Butler Rotarians to play an active part in networking, planning and influencing the community to have an accurate Census. Jim Witt, who joined today’s meeting as another guest, is actively recruiting Census Takers. The work involves a $14.00/ hour payment with mileage expenses paid. He said that the application is available online at, or by calling (855-562-2020. At present, Union County has 37 applications submitted online for 185 available slots.

Today’s “Do You Know” question asked what the purchase price was for the Model T that could travel 40-45 mph on 13-21 mpg and ran on gasoline, kerosene or ethanol. The answer was $185.00.

Upcoming Events/Programs:
October 8th – Nancy Griffis
Friday, October 11th – Rotary will disperse dictionaries at LBES to the 3rd Graders
October 15th – Shane Collins
October 22nd – Dale Walker
October 29th – Paul Lewis
November 5th – David Beatty
November 12th – Tony Sweat
November 19th UCHS Jazz Band

It is asked that everyone continue to offer prayers for Nadine Faulk and Buddy Nogels.