Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review, Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Submitted by Ted Barber

President Brad Whitehead opened the Tuesday noon luncheon meeting with a prayer given by Brian Reagan, the Pledge of Allegiance lead by Russ Wade and God Bless America offered by Art Peterson.

Sara Owens had jimmy Williams, UC Coordinator as her guest speaker. The subject was “Brownfields” which focuses on contaminated areas. Normally, we hear “Brownfields” associated with petroleum contaminated gas stations, but abandoned or closed junk yards are also popular. The City of Lake Butler is in the process of applying for grants under the “Brownfields” category. To attract new business to the City of Lake Butler and to Union County, “Brownfield Grants” play a huge role monetarily.

The “Do You Know?” Question took us back to 1621 for the first Thanksgiving. The question was how long did the first Thanksgiving last? Garrett Milton’s sister, Anna Doyle Fuss, told me that my guess was correct (about two days). Garrett’s quote of the day by William Blake is one we all should embrace this November 28 and always- “The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest”.

A quick vote was taken to authorize the purchase of a dozen Club Banners and Tony Sweat will be the first to exchange one with a Rotary Club in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Upcoming events:
Monday, November 11th– UCHS honors U.S. Military Veterans on the football field at 9:00 am.
Tuesday, November 12- Nancy Griffis introduces our sponsored Lake Butler Interact Club.
Tuesday, November 26 Joe Stephenson- UCHS Jazz Band
Tuesday, December 10- Tommy Spires