New Direct Primary Care Clinic Open in Lake Butler

On January 6, 2020 Union Direct Primary Care, LLC opened in Lake Butler. Their office is located at 155 SE 6th Place, directly behind Badcock Home Furnishings. Union Direct Primary Care, LLC is owned by Jamie Parrish MSN, APRN, FNP-C.

You may ask, what is a direct primary care? It is an innovative alternative payment model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable membership fee. There is no need to go to the doctor for needless visits! With direct primary care (DPC) you can easily call, text or email your provider to decide if you need an appointment or not. You have access to your provider when you need it, no insurance company to hassle with, inexpensive medications dispensed in-house, inexpensive in-house labs offered and more! At Union Direct Primary, insurance is not accepted. What they offer is affordable monthly memberships which covers most of your primary care needs. Union Direct Primary does note that due to government restrictions, they cannot accept Medicaid or Medicare patients.

The monthly membership fees for Union Direct Primary Care are:
               $50.00 a month for adults
               $25.00 a month for kids
or they offer a family membership for $200.00 per month for the family. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $100.00 per adult, $50.00 per child or a max of $200.00 for a family. 

Benefits of choosing direct primary care (DPC) include the following:
     • Convenient, cost effective way for patients to receive high quality
     • Patients have a direct relationship with their provider.
               ° Providers respond to patient’s text, emails and phone calls the 
                  same day.
               ° Sick visits frequently can be handled via “telehealth”. Therefore,
                  reducing the need for the patient to travel to the medical office.
               ° Providers spend more time with each patient seen, resulting in:
                       ■ More time for questions and formulating individualized
                          treatment plans.         
                       ■ Broader scope of care, drastically reducing the amount of
                           specialist referrals.
               ° Takes healthcare back to the “good old days” when patients knew
                  their provider personally and you pay for services directly with no
                  middle man (insurance company).
               ° Most healthcare services the patients need can be taken care of in
                  the office.
     • Patients, or their employer, only pay a month membership fee directly
        to the practice for primary care services. 
               ° Direct Primary Care is not insurance.
               ° No bills to insurance, no insurance claims to be processed.
               ° Providers take a needs-driven approach to their patient
                  interactions rather than being driven by a reimbursement model.
                       ■ No incentive to force patients into the office for an unnecessary
                           face-to-face visit in person, when a webcam, phone call, or
                           email exchange would do.
               ° For one monthly membership fee, the patient can be seen as many
                  times as necessary to address medical needs.
               ° Inexpensive medications offered at our in-house pharmacy.
               ° Provider coordinates agreements with specialists, imaging centers,
                  and lab companies to lower the costs incurred by the patient.

For anyone that is interested in learning more about Union Direct Primary Care, you can visit their website at You also have the ability to enroll online with them if you choose to. Or, you may call their office at (386) 496-9006 to receive more information. 

Union Direct Primary Care’s Office is located at 155 SE 6th Place in Lake Butler

As a reminder, direct primary care is not insurance and patients that choose to enroll will still need catastrophic/major medical insurance coverage in the event of an emergency, hospital stay or surgery. Union Direct Primary Care suggests checking into a cost sharing ministry such as Christian Healthcare Ministries as an option.