City of Lake Butler, Phase 1 Opening Update

The City of Lake Butler released a letter in regards to entering Phase 1 of the Coronavirus Reopening Plan.

The following affects the City of Lake Butler:

• City Hall will remained closed to the public until May 31, 2020. If there is a need, and appointment can be made. Social Distancing and face masks are required. The staff that has been working remotely will be returning over a gradual basis.

• Public Works will continue to be on a split shift through the month of May. We are not able to get the assistance of inmates, so without the 25 extra hands the work is getting done but at a much slower rate.

• Parks – the parks will officially remain closed and re-evaluated on a weekly basis.
Pavilions and picnic areas remain closed.

• Restaurants – outdoor seating is available but at least six feet apart, indoor seating is available but at 25% of capacity.

• Retail stores can open their indoor shopping but at 25% capacity.

• Bars, barber shops and beauty parlors are still supposed to be closed.

• At this point there are no cases in the City of Lake Butler, so we can be thankful and continue to be protective and cautious. there are 5 cases in Union County.

You can view the official letter from the Mayor of Lake Butler here:
City of Lake Butler phase one of pandemic