Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review, for Tuesday, June 2, 2020

At the Lake Butler Rotary Club’s June 2, 2020 meeting, our new 2020-2021 Lake Butler Rotary Club Officers were announced and confirmed by the members present include: Shane Collins, President, Garrett Milton, President-Elect, Brian Reagan, Secretary, Sara Owen, Treasurer, and Tyler Kelly, Sergeant at Arms. These officers begin their duties effective July 1, 2020 (Rotary International’s year begins July 1 and ends June 30 the following year).

President Brad Whitehead introduced UCHS Football Coach Andrew Thomas as the guest speaker. Coach Thomas had over 100 potential football players show up for his first meeting/practice following the pandemic shutdown. He thanked the many boosters/sponsors and fans for their support of our UCHS Football Program and provided the Rotarians with his, “2020 One Team, One County, One Heartbeat” Information Sheet explaining the advertising donation opportunities, reserve seating and parking passes. The key question was, “Will the reserved seats be available to those who held them in the past years?” The answer was “Yes” provided those who have the reserve seats renew by July 1, 2020. He also stated he wanted to fill the reserve seats with fans should the reserve seat holders not be expecting to use them.

Shane Collins passed out the Club Statements as of June 1, 2020 showing the dues owed by each Club Member with adjustments for the period the pandemic caused us to suspend our meetings.

Garrett Milton’s “Did You Know?” Question was too tough for our 17 attendees. His question asked which city was the first to use electric lighting for a baseball game on June 2, 1883? The correct answer was Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Upcoming LBRC Program Chairpersons include: June 9- Shane Collins, June 16- Dale Walker, June 23- Paul Lewis, and July 7- Tommy Spires.