Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting in Review, Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Ted Barber


Program Chairperson Jenny Reed introduced Amie Johns, Interim Administrator for the Florida Health Department in Baker County and the Administrator for Bradford and Union Counties. Amie said we had 120 confirmed cases of the corona virus in our county. All verified tests are followed up to determine if they belong to our county or belong to another county because of their residency (like attending school). Each day the list is purged and contact tracing, a major time-consuming task, is conducted. Besides obtaining a medical history and the symptoms experienced within the 48-hour window, the contact list for the past 10 days is obtained. This contact list can be enormous. She said the infection covers a 10-day period and the time for the virus to show symptoms is 14 days. Carlton Faulk, our UC Superintendent of Schools applauded Amy and her staff for their invaluable assistance developing the opening plan for our Union County Schools. Anyone wanting to be tested for the Corona virus may do so at the Union County Fire Station #1, 300 SW 6th Avenue each Wednesday from 9:00 am to Noon. Also the UC Health Department test Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 am to Noon at 495 East Main Street, Lake Butler.

Since the Tuesday Program was so interesting, we ran out of time and the “Did You Know?” Question that asked in 1882 what gunfighter that often quoted Shakespeare was found dead in Turkey Creek, AZ? The answer is John Ringo.

Upcoming Programs: July 21- Garrett Milton, July 28- Brad Whitehead, August 4- Russ Wade, August 11-Dale Walker, and August 18- Kaleb Archer.