Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting in Review, Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Ted Barber


Club President Shane Collins opened our noon luncheon meeting at 12:30 PM following a delicious fried chicken/pulled pork meal (even the banana pudding had plenty of bananas). Our guest speaker had to cancel at the last minute, so Shane Collins asked for community information from the members present. Carlton Faulk provided the following dates/events:

August 4 the Lake Butler Rotary Club will honor all the new teachers at the Elementary School Cafeteria at noon (please mark your calendars that our Tuesday, August 4 Rotary Club will be meeting at the Lake Butler Elementary School).

August 9 the annual prayer offerings at the three schools will begin at 6:00 PM. Rotarians are invited to attend this important event.

August 12 Union County Schools will have their classrooms opened to students and the volley ball and football practices will continue as planned. The first football game has been delayed a week and the opposing team will be announced soon.

Our guests included: Alexandria Pritchett (3rd visit and pending induction to the Lake Butler Rotary Club), Mike Riplinger ( Carlton Faulk’s guest) and Derick Thomas (transfer Rotarian from the Keystone Heights Rotary Club).

Rotarian Tyler Kelley, Club Sergeant at Arms, sited Art Peterson for eating early, not cleaning up his table trash and departing early. Art spun the Rotarian Wheel and paid his $2.00 fine.

Rotarian Brian Reagan supplied the “Did You Know?” question asking what disastrous treaty ratified by the British House of Lords paved the way for WWII? The answer was the Treaty of Versailles (June 28, 1919).

Upcoming programs: July 28- Brad Whitehead, August 4- Russ Wade (welcome new teachers at the UC Elementary School Cafeteria), August 11- Dale Walker, August 18- Kaleb Archer, and August 25- Ted Barber.