Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting in Review, Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Ted Barber


President Collins opened the Tuesday, July 28, 2020 Lake Butler Rotary Club #4372 noon luncheon meeting at 12:30 PM following a delicious baked chicken, chicken and rice, salad and peach cobbler dessert. He welcomed Coach Andrew Thomas and Alexandria Pritchett as our guests and officially welcomed Derick Thomas as our newest member.

Russ Wade’s Tuesday, August 4, 2020 program will be held at the Lake Butler Elementary School cafeteria where we will officially welcome all the new teachers to the Union County School System. Our noon meal will be catered by Spires IGA at the Elementary School.

Upcoming Programs: Russ Wade – August 4, Dale Walker- August 11, Kaleb Archer- August 18, David Beatty- August 25 and Ted Barber- September 1, 2020.

The “Did you Know?” Question asked what King married and who was beheaded at Tower Hill on July 28, 1540? The answer was King Henry VIII married Katherine Howard and Thomas Cromwell was beheaded for treason.

Since our program chairman was absent, President Shane invited community updates. Coach Andrew stated that the corona virus had pushed back athletic activities by at least a month. Presently, the football practices are under “Summer Rules” (no helmets or pads) and that the target date for full practices is August 24. A minimum of three weeks from the full practice target date will be the earliest date for actual games (presently in September). The Football Advisory Committee meets Wednesday, July 29 to finalize the present plans. Joseph Edwards said that most of the corona virus inmates are at Columbia Correctional Institution with a few at Union Correctional Institution. He said that RMC had one possible case that is awaiting confirmation. Jack Schenck, recently named as Mayor of Lake Butler, talked briefly about the sewer system update. The videos are completed and the engineers will be submitting their cost analysis which will be used for grant requests. The process will most likely take several years before the upgrade can be completed. The high speed internet availability in Lake Butler has Archer Funeral Home as a customer and Shane Collins is asking that the First Christian Church’s high speed connection be completed soon. The proposal for customers to be allowed to choose either Clay Electric or Florida Power and Light as their supplier was scrapped according to Derick Thomas.