Lake Butler Rotary Club Welcomes New Teachers to the Union County School District

Ted Barber

Annually the Lake Butler Rotary Club uses one of its weekly luncheon meetings to welcome the new teachers to the Elementary, Middle and High School and Alternative Schools. This year, on Tuesday, August 4th, the welcome was conducted in the Elementary School cafeteria.  Rotary Club President Shane Collins made the initial welcome following a delicious fried chicken meal catered by Spires IGA. Superintendent Carlton Faulk followed with his welcoming remarks and had the principals from each school introduce their new teachers. Welcome packets were presented by Rotarians Shane Collins, Garrett Milton, Jenny Reed and Carlton Faulk with the respective principals providing framed welcome certificates.

LBES: Garrett Milton & Shane Collins-Rotarians; Linda McGhghy, LBES Assistant Principal; Marcie Tucker, LBES Principal; New Teachers: Jacob Ball, Charity Pittman, Shelby McDaniel, Chelsea Waters, Dhanista Lorence,
Amy Norman, Amy Hicks, Chelsea Tempest; Carlton Faulk, Superintendent


LBMS: Garrett Milton & Shane Collins-Rotarians; Angel Thomas, LBMS Principal; New Teachers: Cady Spencer, Alexa Menz, Chris Martinez, Autumn Jefferson, Reilly Hinds, Tracie Douglass, Samantha Davis,
Kathleen Chaikin, Sarah Beavers, Makayla Graham; Carlton Faulk, Superintendent; Zeke Scaff, LBMS Assistant Principal


UCHS: Garrett Milton & Shane Collins-Rotarians; Julie Denson UCHS Assistant Principal; Chris Mecusker, UCHS Principal; New Teachers: Jiwan James, Julie Gaberdiel, Sara Vaughn, Andrew Thomas, Riley Reed; Carlton Faulk, Superintendent (Not pictured: Liliana Perez)


Alternative Education: Shane Collins & Garrett Milton-Rotarians; Eugene Dukes, Alternative Education Coordinator; New Teachers: Austin Dukes, Steven Berrey, Travis Smith; Carlton Faulk, Superintendent


The weekly “Did You Know?” question involved the Apollo Flights and the correct answer was Apollo 15  which was the 4th landing on the moon with its first “J” Mission. It was also the first mission to use the lunar roving vehicle.

Upcoming Programs: Aug 11- Dale Walker, Aug 18- Kaleb Archer, Aug 25- David Beatty and Sep 1- Ted Barber. 

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