The September 22, 2020 Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review

Following another terrific luncheon meal and fellowship, Club President Shane Collins introduced Rotarian Bobby Driggers as a guest. Bobby is an active member of his Huntsville, Alabama Rotary Club which has 75 members and an auxiliary with 20 members. Annually he told us the club has a fund raiser similar to our annual Hawaiian Luau. This year the pandemic slowed them down but he showed us the T-shirt used to raise funds. The mascot of the club as shown on his T-shirt was the “Trashcan” and a polecat was shown on top of the can. The T-shirt was unique and drew a fancy price.

The “Did You know?” question for the meeting was what US President had two assignation attempts on his life in 17 days? David Beatty came up with the correct answer being Gerald Ford. Forty-Five years ago President Ford escaped two attempts by two women to take his life (Sept 5, 1975 Lynette Fromme and Sept 22, 1975 Sara Jane Moore- both attempts occurred in California).

Brian Reagan presented the Rotary Program. He told the group that a fire insurance rating is a grade that insurance companies utilize to determine premiums in an established fire protection district. They use the term “ISO” or Insurance Service Office which is a third party independent agency that evaluates the fire department, water department, and communications on a national scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the best. The ISO Public Protection Classification Program (PPC) is the primary information used by insurance companies to determine our insurance costs. Most homes in Union County are at an ISO “4” rating (hydrants within 1,000 feet, adequate training and adequate emergency communication) The bulk of the ISO ratings are between 4 and 6.

Upcoming Programs- Oct 5- Paul Lewis, Oct 13- Art Peterson, Oct 20- Jack Schenck, Oct 27- Russ Wade, Nov 3- Brad Whitehead, and Nov 10- Nancy Griffis.

Homecoming Parade Friday, September 25- Veterans can ride on American Legion Post 153 Float (at the front of the parade).  The float will be available around 10 AM on Sprinkle Field.