Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting in Review for October 6, 2020

By Ted Barber

Following another excellent luncheon meal and fellowship, Tony Sweat gave thanks to the Lord for the meal and the blessings we have; Paul Lewis led the Club in pledging allegiance to our American Flag and Alexandra Pritchett loosened up the members and guest by leading the group in singing “Old MacDonald had a Farm”. Paul Lewis introduced Mike Ridaught, Sports director for Union County Radio, President/CEO for the “Prep Zone” and an outstanding play by play sports announcer. Mike said when Covid-19 hit us he knew all athletes and sports were in for a great challenge to navigate the pandemic. In July 2020 the talk of opening the football season began to turn positive and outdoor sports were moving in the right direction. Ridaught said he announced his first game on Friday, September 4. The game was Hawthorn HS vs. Alachua HS from a tent away from the restricted 25% crowd and contracted the corona virus from the only other announcer in the tent. He had a fever for 11 straight days and could not taste his meals or smell anything. As a result of his exposure he does not fear the virus but has a healthy respect for it. He also has a great respect of the coaches, the referees, the players and the audiences for navigating the many challenges. Florida High School Football teams had a choice to “Opt out” or “Opt in” for the state championship. The ones that opted out will not be in the state championship play-offs. Union County High School opted in and won the draw for the #1 seat in the state playoffs. This allows UCHS to need just one win to be Qualified-I call that the “Luck of the Draw”. Four of the eight teams may have to cancel their last game of the season to be in the state championship. Volley ball was very fortunate and had no cancellations. Mike Ridaught complimented everyone especially the coaches for navigating the many hoops that allows their players the opportunity to play at the next level (college).

The “Did You Know?” Question asked for the name of the translator of the New Testament that was strangled and burned at the stake for heresy at Vilvorde, France in 1536. Art Peterson provided the William Tyndale, an English scholar and leading figure in the Protestant Reformation.

Upcoming Programs include: Art Peterson- Oct 13, Jack Schenck-Oct 20, Russ Wade- Oct 27, Brad Whitehead- Nov 3, Nancy Griffis- Nov 10 and Kaleb Archer- Nov 17.