Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting Review for Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Following another great fellowship and lunch, Club President Shane Collins offered the prayer for our meal. Art Peterson led the Pledge of Allegiance and Dale Walker tried to lead us from the Rotary Song Book but was rescued by Art Peterson.

For our “Did You Know?” question, Tyler Kelley, our Club Sergeant at Arms, asked what establishment were the first two recruits found that made up the 2 Battalions of the Continental Marines in 1775. Tyler had to provide the answer as the Tun Tavern, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Tyler announced the location for the Wednesday, November 11, 2020 Veteran’s Day Ceremony is now (due to pending weather) the UCHS Auditorium. Parking will be in the Booster Club Parking lot next to the Auditorium. The ceremony will be Livestreamed via the UCHS Facebook Page

Shane introduced his youngest son, Callen as the guest speaker. Callen has been seeking donations for the Union County Livestock Association fund raiser. The raffle tickets feature five drawings that includes a rifle, a cooler, a gift basket, sunglasses and AirPods. Each ticket requires a donation of $10.00. Callen, according to his father, is gaining experience talking to adults about the UC Livestock Association and his experiences exercising, feeding, and maintaining his animals. His father will help Callen load the animals but the other responsibilities rest with Callen. This work and the responsibilities that go with the care and maintenance of Callen’s animals are excellent reminders of what we are all about.

Shane announced: 1. The Veteran’s Day Ceremony tomorrow, Wednesday November 11, 2020 will be held in the UCHS Auditorium starting at 9:00 AM., 2. After discussion our November 17, 2020 Rotary Luncheon will be a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Tommy Spires Family will be special guests that Art and other Rotarians voluntarily are adding personal remembrances- please bring a guest, 3. The Tuesday Dec 22 and Tuesday Dec 29 Rotary Meetings are cancelled (Christmas time with families) and 4. The Third grade LBES Dictionaries have arrived and distribution of same are being arranged by the LBES administration.

Ted Barber provided an explanation of the alternate name of our American Flag. “Old Glory”. It was first flown on a ship called the Charles Doggett whose captain was William Driver. William’s mother and a few others made him a flag featuring the thirteen stars with thirteen alternating red and white stripes. Driver flew this flag adding ten more stars over his 21 years as the reason for his safety before retiring to Nashville, Tennessee. The Civil War required William to hide “Old Glory” from the Confederates in a quilt. After the war he provided his divided family each an original “Old Glory” that are on display in the Smithsonian Museum.