Lake Butler Offers New Text Notification/Messaging System

The City of Lake Butler recently launched a new Text Messaging System for the community. The first part of the new system is a feature that allows residents and visitors alike to notify the city of an issue, such as pot hole, street light being out or other miscellaneous issue needed attention. To use this notification system, you can Text the word “Report” to (386) 272-5227. You will receive a response that asks questions to aide you in reporting the issue. As a note, if you snap a photo of the issue, you can include that in your response.

For residents of Lake Butler, a second part of this new system is a broadcast notification option. In the event of an issue occurring, such as a water outage due to repair, or other alerts, you can Opt-in to receive these messages from the city. To Opt-In, you would text “Lake Butler” to 91896. Afterwards you will receive a response verification, and anytime a broadcast alert/message is sent out you will receive it.

Be sure to visit the City of Lake Butler website at



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