Lake Butler Rotary Club Meeting in Review for Tuesday, September 21, 2021

By Tyler Kelley

After an enjoyable meal shared by 12 Lake Butler Rotarians, along with several guests, Sergeant-at-Arms Jody Read opened our meeting. Our prayer for the food was given by Derick Thomas, the Pledge was led by Brian Reagan, and Mike Ripplinger led the club in America the Beautiful.

The trivia question this week was “Over the past 15 years, the SEC has been the most dominant conference in College Football, both in terms of BCS and CFP national championships. In those 15 seasons, how many times has a SEC team won the National Title?” The correct answer was 11.

Today’s guests were Darren Elixson, husband of Becky Elixson, several members of the UCHS volleyball team, and Mike McInturff.

Before David Beatty introduced his program, Rotarian Nancy Griffis talked about putting together the crosses for the Hero’s Project in time for Veteran’s Day. Since Memorial Day, we are up to 105 crosses, which will be displayed, November 3rd through Veteran’s Day. The deadline for getting a cross before Veteran’s Day is October 1st.

David Beatty introduced his program by discussing UCHS Volleyball, before he introduced his son Owen, who is the assistant coach for the high school Volleyball team.

Owen introduced the three Seniors on this year’s team, Caleigh Avery, middle blocker, Sabrena Howard, rotation, & Maegan Beatty, setter.

Finally, Head Coach Jordan Windham talked about the team’s game day sponsors shirts that the team wears to games, but also to school.

Upcoming Programs: September 28- Russ Wade, October 5-Shane Collins, October 12- Mitchell Bishop, October 19- Joe Edwards, October 26- Carlton Faulk, November 2-District Governor, November 9-Tyler Kelley

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